Luxcreo Launches Luxalign End-To-End Workflow For 3d Printed Clear Aligners

On April 20, 2023, LuxCreo, a leading 3D printing specialist in clear dental appliances, announced an FDA Class II 510(k) cleared end-to-end solution for orthodontists and dentists to produce same-day clear aligners without the need for traditional model and thermoforming stages. When compared to in-house thermoforming, this approach allows orthodontists and dentists to deliver aligners to patients in as little as 2 hours from oral scan, with significant labor and CapEx savings.

LuxCreo is introducing a suite of products spanning hardware, software, materials, and services to enable a seamless end-to-end workflow, including:

The iLux Pro Dental: A high throughput, small footprint, heated chairside DLP printer with a 50-micron pixel resolution and LEAPTM technology. In an 8-hour shift, a single iLux Pro Dental can print up to 175 models horizontally or 64 direct aligners.

Design software LuxAlign®: To improve aligner efficacy and patient comfort, automatically generate aligner retainer designs, add trim lines, repair tooth gaps, and vary aligner thickness.

iLuxCure Pro: A post-print cure that is programmable, multi-wavelength, multi-direction, and high-irradiance, and can cure 6-8 aligners in 30 minutes.

Direct Clear Aligner Material (DCA): LuxCreo’s Digital Polishing technology enables DCA, a tough, flexible, and accurate clear aligner material with high transparency that does not require manual polishing. DCA has received FDA Class II 510 (k) clearance for use as an aligner.

LuxScale: Once patients have received and approved their initial aligners, dentists can order or modify the remainder of the aligner treatment plan from a LuxCreo smart factory.

The iLux Pro Dental 3D printer and iLuxCure Pro are now available for purchase, and shipping will begin next month. LuxCreo has also partnered with Orthodent Laboratory (ODL), a leading dental lab, to clinically validate the efficacy of multi-thickness aligner technology, and is actively seeking participants. 

About LuxCreo

LuxCreo’s mission is to use additive manufacturing and digital 3D printing to simplify and enable more sustainable production. LuxCreo is dedicated to innovation, product excellence, and customer success as a leader in 3D printing solutions. LuxCreo is transforming the way businesses design and manufacture products in the consumer, medical, dental, and industrial industries by offering fully integrated solutions that include cloud-connected 3D printers, AI-enabled printing software, and advanced materials. LuxCreo is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and Beijing, China, and is backed by Kleiner Perkins.

For more information, please visit: Luxcreo Launches 3d Printed Clear Aligners

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